We’d like to take you behind the scenes to learn about how these pillars of quality permeate every part of our business to ultimately deliver true peace of mind to our customers.

Many businesses make the claim of offering ‘high-quality’ products, but how far are they willing to go to attain the best possible result for their customers?

Where is quality evident at MASPRO?

When pressed, some suppliers can’t fully explain how or why their products are high quality, but we’ve taken a very detailed approach across four key areas:

  • Dimensional quality – absolute, without-a-doubt compliance to ISO standards, and to manufacturing drawing GD&T down to mere fractions of a millimetre.
  • Metallurgical quality – starting with the best European raw materials and concluding with multiple levels of material testing and approvals.
  • Functional quality – our parts are tough and reliable and enable you to drill more metres with less downtime.
  • Quality of support – long-term, in-depth innovation partnerships that result in incredible efficiency gains for our customers.


How technology enables quality

A good example of how we can guarantee dimensional quality is our investment in optical 3D metrology technology.

With this complex robotic scanning equipment, we can measure millions of data points in just a few seconds, categorically proving that our drill parts provide 100% fidelity to their original drawings.

This new equipment is being rolled out at our Sydney manufacturing facility, allowing us to measure a part such as a complex casting or forging for example with a robotic blue-light scanning head.

This not only takes fast and automated measurements with precision and compares them to the CAD file, but it also provides digital feedback on surface roughness, derives GD&T information, and identifies trimming or hole positions, enabling us to pinpoint any deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data.

MASPRO Director, Greg Kennard, explains that the benefit to our customers, of course, is absolute precision down to the finest degree of detail.

“We go to great lengths to ensure consistency and conformity so every part is well within the nominated tolerance and it integrates flawlessly when fitted on site,” notes Greg.

“And when your site is an underground mine in West Africa and your next parts shipment isn’t due for nine months, a part that doesn’t fit or perform as required can be catastrophic for your productivity.”

No matter where your mine is located, all our customers operate in similar high stakes environments, which is why investing in cutting edge technology is the key to helping our customers keep their operations running as reliably and efficiently as possible.

Trust MASPRO for absolute quality mining drill parts

MASPRO’s aftermarket drill parts are manufactured to Australian and International standards using high quality raw materials from European suppliers. With our continued focus on reliability, productivity and safety, our parts are designed, produced and shipped with care to keep your drills running and ensure you hit your targets, every time.


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