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Your Trusted Partner for High-Performance Parts in Surface and Underground Mining
Development Drills
While the Sandvik Axera DD421 Twin-boom development drill rig is technically designed for drilling tunnels, it is often used to install rock bolts for ground support, which creates a lot more wear and tear on the boom than originally intended.

OEM designs are made to address the needs of the majority of the international market, meaning many miners globally, aren’t necessarily getting the right parts for their specific application and mining conditions.

This is where partnering with MASPRO can increase your productivity. By providing reliable parts that have been customised for specialist applications, you can get the most out of your drill rig. From the Axera’s through to the DD422i, MASPRO offers 550+ parts and assemblies, each one individually engineered for increased performance and reliability.
MASPRO Capability Statement
At MASPRO, we develop industry-leading engineering solutions for metalliferous underground and open pit mobile mining machinery. We optimise parts for safety and reliability so you can drill more metres, move more ore and push your machinery to the limits in harsh mining conditions. It is our mission to design and manufacture high-quality components, parts and assemblies for the world’s best mining equipment right here in Australia. Our reputation for high level engineering, ease of ordering, responsive delivery and the best quality products result in a product that is as good as (if not better than) OEM parts. At MASPRO we help you maximise uptime, increase equipment utilisation, and boost productivity on site.
Tilt Cylinder
About us
Production Drills
Whether you’re a contractor servicing one of the largest metalliferous underground mines in Australia, you’re working box cut/ stope – or you’re an owner-operator with project targets to meet with production drilling, long hole production and slot raise drilling, you’re going to want parts engineered to suit the harsh mining conditions in Australia.
TFX Cylinder
Why Maspro
Cable Bolters
Owner-operators and contractors can achieve efficiency gains with replacement parts and re-engineered assemblies from MASPRO.

From swing cylinder assemblies to rotation bushings, every part is manufactured from high-quality raw materials, and precision engineered for longer-lasting performance in the toughest mining conditions.
TB 60 Bolting Cylinder (Modified)
MASPRO's underground cylinders
Trucks & Loaders
When fast advancement counts, you need replacement parts and components that can guarantee better productivity.

MASPRO improved parts are engineered for reliability, productivity and safety. Our precision-engineered loader parts can help you deliver more uptime and reduce the cost and complexity of holding extensive individual parts in your inventory.

Designed in conjunction with reliability engineers at some of Australia’s biggest mines, our parts deliver uncompromising efficiency and world-class performance.