In the mining industry in particular, trust isn’t given lightly and it can take a long time to develop a reputation for good, honest quality and service.

Whilst it was tough in the early days to create that momentum as a new brand, with more than 15 years of experience under our belt MASPRO is now proud to maintain an outstanding reputation in the mining sector for quality, engineering precision and collaborative service.

What our customers say

MASPRO’s Director of Sales, Martin Kennard, shares an experience where a chance one-off delivery to FMG’s Pilbara operations has blossomed into an ongoing collaborative relationship positioning MASPRO as a trusted supplier.

“Fortescue approached us because they were having issues with their rotational units on a drill – they had a machine down and their regular OEM supplier was out of stock of the necessary assembly. We had it in stock and were able to supply it quickly and get them out of trouble, which ended up opening the door for a really strong relationship with the maintenance team,” notes Martin.

“We uncovered that they just weren’t getting the expected hours out of the OEM units. Some were failing prematurely at around 50 – 60 hours of service life.”

“Because MASPRO is a smaller, more agile operation than the big OEMs, we were able to bring the parts in question into our R&D centre, make some changes and put it through rigorous testing, then deliver back a redesigned configuration. They’re now reaching an impressive 6000 hours out of it,” says Martin.

Extended part life is one benefit of MASPRO’s re-engineered parts, but in this case, the financial benefits were pretty clear too. Martin notes that not only has their reorder frequency dropped, but they’re paying almost 40% less for that specific part.

“In this instance, FMG was churning through around 5 units each month, but since we’ve been working with their team and they have implemented our improved solution, they’ve only replaced the head twice in 2 months – saving over $20,000 each time.”

Feedback loops and continuous improvement

This situation is typical of MASPRO’s customers, who come to us for long term productivity improvements that can deliver serious savings, in both time and money.

Martin explains that FMG has been impressed with MASPRO’s ability to problem-solve so far and is working with the MASPRO engineers on other projects.

“Their team is now going through the whole inventory of what they are using on a regular basis, and we’re looking forward to identifying other areas where we can help them realise greater efficiencies for their operation.”

It’s this kind of shared, two-way approach to creating a more productive site that has helped earn MASPRO a strong reputation for excellence.

“In a similar instance, one of our local mining customers not far from Condobolin came to us after having switched to a cheaper part, thinking they were saving money,” adds Martin.

“The part simply wasn’t performing and was quickly turning into an expensive mistake as they just weren’t getting the necessary life out of it. They ended up coming into our manufacturing facility and meeting with our engineers to redesign the part for better performance. This part is now undergoing a trial at their site and early signs are positive.”

Continuous improvement is a strong driving force at MASPRO, as is the focus on excellence down to the smallest detail. In a recent survey, we received comments from customers that reiterated we are on the right path with delivering on expectations. Martin explains further:

“Responses such as ‘MASPRO know how to deliver productivity gains’ and ‘MASPRO is always there when you need them’ show prospective customers who are considering working with us that we definitely deliver on our promises.”


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