MASPRO leads the way in creating cutting-edge engineering solutions for underground and surface operations in the hard rock mining industry.

As a trailblazer in the hard rock mining industry, MASPRO takes pride in its role as a leading provider of cutting-edge engineering solutions for both underground and surface operations. What sets MASPRO apart is our unwavering commitment to optimizing the safety, reliability, and overall performance of the parts we produce. In collaboration with our valued customers, MASPRO ensures that their machinery operates at peak efficiency, even in the most challenging mining conditions. Our focus on refining product design and manufacturing high-quality parts is aimed at increasing product life and performance, providing unmatched value.

Engineering Partnerships Tailored to Your Needs:

With strong product support and engineering know-how, MASPRO offers their clients extensive industry knowledge and the ability to engineer solutions to reverse-engineer any product, working directly with the client to resolve their specific issues. All parts are re-designed to prevent recurring issues and manufactured right here in Australia to meet local specifications so your machines can keep performing in the most demanding mining environments. With OEM parts produced globally, there isn’t the same opportunity to make modifications for local applications or conditions. Find out more about our manufacturing process here.

Reliability Integrated at Every Step:

MASPRO follows a rigorous process to ensure quality at every stage from raw materials and design to testing and delivery. The first step in the process is to ensure all interactions with other components are considered. MASPRO’s experienced engineers establish geometric requirements including precise tolerances on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) accurate to 2 microns.

Once the geometric requirements have been established expert metallurgists conduct microscopic analysis to identify the properties, mechanical strength and chemical makeup of the materials used. Having identified all the elements, including finishes and coatings, high-quality materials are sourced from a worldwide network of first-class suppliers.

A crucial part of MASPRO’s process is identifying any recurring issues in the field. In-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to continually look for options to improve the design, while performance and feedback from customers help identify weaknesses or common failures that can be addressed. Unlike global manufacturers, where improvements could take years to bring to market, MASPRO’s ability to work directly with our customers allows us to turn around a product within months.

MASPRO’s process includes detailed drawings produced by our engineering teams to include all specifications and tolerances for manufacture. This ensures all designs are documented and controlled for consistent quality. The step-by-step production process and in-house manufacturing capabilities are supported by an extensive range of CNC machining centres, lathes and grinders. Each component is individually checked and measured to ensure it is as per specification.

Quality Assurance from Assembly to Delivery:

Once every component is signed off, the part is assembled and tested thoroughly. After testing, the parts are cleaned, metal prepped, spray painted, and carefully packaged. Parts are given a unique serial number and stamped so that everything is auditable, identifiable, and traceable. MASPRO takes responsibility for products during shipping too with custom-designed dustproof and weatherproof packaging ensuring parts don’t get damaged in transit.

By prioritizing quality at every step, MASPRO ensures that our parts undergo a rigorous analysis, design, and manufacturing process, with quality checks incorporated at every stage. Our commitment to safety, reliability, and productivity ensures that our parts are engineered to elevate efficiency and performance in mining operations, providing peace of mind for operators worldwide. When you choose MASPRO, you choose parts that keep your machines running at 100%, delivering reliability and productivity in every operation.



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