the Sandvik Axera DD421 two-boom development drill rig is technically designed for drilling tunnels, in Australia and New Zealand (much more so than overseas) it is often used to install rock bolts for ground support, which creates much more wear and tear on the boom than may have been intended.

With MASPRO’s redesigned parts, the machine is more than up to the task.

Optimised parts increase lifespan

The majority of MASPRO parts are designed to be precisely comparable and interchangeable with the OEM parts. However, as Supply Chain Manager Brian Harrison explains, a big difference with MASPRO is that where they identify repeat failings or excessive wear, their state-of-the-art reengineering capabilities can get to the root cause of the problem and improve performance.

Optimised parts
Increase lifespan

“With the most commonly replaced parts for the Sandvik Axera DD421, we’ve made a series of modifications over the years to allow the machine to withstand the extra shock load of rock bolting with less wear and tear, and more longevity.”

“The beauty of this is that our enhancements are not necessarily noticeable, other than in the longevity of the part in operation. When you grab the part, it looks the same, it feels the same, it pops in the same, but it will last longer. And as with our standard parts, its cost is lower compared to OEM.”
Brian Harrison- Supply Chain Manager
The enhancements could involve using a harder wearing compound, a more corrosive resistant or mechanically superior material, or completely redesigned from the ground up.
Lower cost per metre and less maintenance

Even when using the same machine, Brian observes some mines are spending much more than others because they don’t look at why they’re replacing or repairing parts so often.

“With OEM parts produced globally, there isn’t the same opportunity to make modifications for local applications or conditions. MASPRO makes over 550 standard parts that are compatible with the Axera, and dozens that have already been optimised over years of testing. So clients benefit from that straight away.”

With the right compatible parts, smart operators are running these drills at significantly lower cost per metre. There’s also less downtime and replacement work needed too.

“If your mine uses the Sandvik Axera DD421, we’re confident that MASPRO parts will save you time and improve performance – particularly our range of specifically optimised parts.”

Convenience of kits

“Another thing that we do differently is build all-in-one kits for common maintenance tasks. For example we have created DPU, centre hitch and hose reel rebuild kits where all the compatible parts needed – bearings, shaft, reel etc – are ordered in one package.”

“So the maintenance engineer can grab the kit off the shelf and know that all 15 compatible parts are ready to go.”

This is the sort of flexibility MASPRO offers clients across the thousands of cost-effective parts suitable for use with major brands like Sandvik, Epiroc (Atlas Copco), Boart Longyear and Terex.

A proudly Australian family business that has been operating for 60 years, quality has always been MASPRO’s top priority, followed by competitive pricing.

“If we can’t meet our own strict quality standards, we won’t produce the part. And that’s down to every last detail. Parts arrive with tough packaging that lasts, clearly labelled and etched with their part numbers for complete traceability.”

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Condobolin and Parkes NSW, and well-stocked distribution centres in WA, QLD and TAS, MASPRO can get parts to mines when and where they need them.

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