Influence of Globalisation and Technology

In this era of technology and globalisation, many companies look to establish cultural diversity in the workplace. Over the years, MASPRO has blended employees from different backgrounds, ethnicity and experiences which has helped develop a rich and varied environment.

Divserity in though- the real value

With so many different and diverse minds coming and working together, many more out of the box solutions are raised and tabled as every individual brings in their personal way of thinking, operation experience in solving problems and making key decisions.  MASPRO encourages diversity in the workplace which inspires all our employees to perform at their best.

At present, MASPRO has Australians, Filipinos, Indians, Russians, South Africans and Canadians. What better way to learn about other culture and ethnicity than from colleagues that come from a different background than your own? A diverse collection of skills and experiences has allowed MASPRO to provide an increased level of service being able to relate to and understand clients better

Ultimately, the goal is integration- creating a team where people from all backgrounds are encouraged to share their unique talents. This most certainly won’t happen overnight — we’re still working on this at MASPRO and have a long way to go.

Join a team celebrates differences

At MASPRO we understand that every individual has a unique set of skills and things that we bring to the table, the way we think, we laugh, what we value, what we belief, and tackle problems. So if you want to be a part of a company really values its people. Come join us!

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