Here are 7 steps we take to ensure our parts help to keep your machines running at 100%.


1. Dimensional accuracy

Before we manufacture a component, our experienced engineers carefully analyse the original. We ensure that all interactions with other components are considered, to establish geometric requirements including precise tolerances. We measure all dimensions on our coordinate measuring machine (CMM) accurate to 2 microns.

2. Material analysis

Next, our expert metallurgists conduct microscopic analysis to identify the properties, mechanical strength and chemical makeup of the materials used. Having identified all the elements, right down to finishes and coatings, we source materials that are equivalent or superior to the original.

Across Australia, Europe and Asia, we have a network of first-class suppliers of certified material including forgings, bar stock, extrusions, wire rope and engineering plastics.

3. Design: Equivalent or better than the original

While MASPRO makes many standard parts directly compatible with OEM, our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to continually look for options to improve the design.

A crucial part of our process is identifying any recurring issues in the field. We engage specialists with direct experience of mining operations. Often, we’ll have performance feedback from our customers which helps us identify weaknesses or common failures that we can address. Our engineering expertise combined with the latest design software enables a comprehensive analysis of design metrics including stress analysis.

Unlike global OEM manufacturers, where improvements could take years to bring to market, we can turn them around within months.

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4. Production drawings

Once the design is finalised, our engineers produce detailed drawings including all specifications and tolerances for manufacture.  This ensures all designs are documented and controlled for consistent quality.

5. Quality checks at every step

Once the materials and designs are signed off by our head engineer, we follow a strictly documented step-by-step production process. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities are supported by our extensive range of CNC machining centres, lathes and grinders. We also engage quality Australian manufacturers where required.

Each component is individually checked and measured to ensure it is as per specification. For standard accessories such as seals, bearings and fasteners we select from verified suppliers.

6. Assembly and performance testing

With every component signed off, the part is assembled and tested thoroughly. For example, hydraulic cylinders are installed on a hydraulic test bench and run through several cycles on left and right rotations to ensure they are sealed and working to specification.

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7. Finishing touches

After testing, the parts are cleaned, metal prepped, spray painted, and carefully packaged. Parts are given a unique serial number and stamped so that everything is auditable, identifiable, and traceable. This process conforms to ISO 9001:2015.

We take responsibility for our products during shipping too. Our custom-designed dustproof and weatherproof packaging ensures parts don’t get damaged in transit, which can be as far afield as Tanzania, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Burkina Faso, New Zealand and North America.

Whether it’s a breakout cylinder with 5 main components, or a rotation head with 60+ components, every MASPRO part we manufacture follows this same rigorous quality assurance process.

Without the global corporation overheads and markups, and with local manufacturing and warehousing, MASPRO can deliver OEM quality, or better, for less.

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